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2017-18 AOY Class Session Calendar

Registration Deadlines are one week prior to the start of each class.

  • Adult Art Classes/Workshops
  • Youth Art Classes
  • Summer Camps
  • Private Lessons
  • Teaching Artists
  • Fall 2
  • 2017-18 Workshops

Fall II 2017 Session – October 23rd - December 10th - Register Here

Note: Most classes do not run the week of Thanksgiving unless specified.

rgentine Tango Basics
196 : Argentine Tango Basics
Registration Closed

$90 Members. $100 Non-Members
6 sessions/Mondays 7:00 - 8:30 pm
October 23 - December 4
Teaching Artist: Pablo Garcia Gomez

In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of Argentine Tango and the way it is danced socially in Argentina and around the world. Students will also explore the history of Tango and its various musical forms. 
- No partner or previous dance experience are required. 
- Students should bring comfortable shoes to class.

70: I've Painted Before, Let's Do More!

$125. Members.   $140. Non-Members
5 sessions/Tuesdays; 9:30 am to 12:00 noon
October 30 - December 5
Teaching Artist: Jim Bongartz

This painting class is for students who enjoy painting and feel comfortable with their progress in composing composition and have a basic understanding of color mixing. Students will continue to develop their personal styles. Group and individual critiques will help to examine what practices are working and what techniques need to be explored further. Students are encouraged to use photos and/or electronic devices that display imagery for their source material.

20: I've Never Painted Before In My Life!

$150. Members. $170. Non-Members (5 week class is $125 members $140 non-members)
20a: October 30 - December 5; 5 sessions/Tuesdays, 1:00 - 3:30 pm REGISTRATION CLOSED FOR THIS SESSION
20b: October 26 - December 7; 6 sessions/Thursdays 6:30 - 9:00 pm
Teaching Artist: Jim Bongartz

But guess what? You can easily learn how by using acrylic paints! Bring your laptops to paint from your own uploaded photographs or images captured off the Internet. Of course, printed images are suitable for use as source material too. Students will explore blocking-in methods while developing subject matter with expressive color and brushwork. The instructor will give demonstrations and students will start off creating studies of simple still life to learn basic techniques in color mixing and building volume and space. The instructor will offer critiques that assist in constructive problem solving. Supplies are provided by the student and a list will be sent one week prior to the start of class. Level: Beginner’s thru Intermediate.

118: Color Concepts

$180. Members. $200. Non-Members
6 sessions/Tuesdays, 1:00 - 4:00 pm
October 24 - December 5
Teaching Artist: David Rivera
Watch Video

Through various drawing and painting exercises, students will explore different methods of observing color. The course will begin with the introduction of the gray scale, and progress, through specific exercises, to working with a full range of colors in a variety of mediums. Students will learn about the relationship between warm and cool colors and how these play into creating the illusion of light and atmoshere. Layering applications on different surfaces (including pre-toned papers and prepared grounds) will be explored and students will acquire a thorough understanding of color concepts through observational exercises. Color will be analyzed in the following order; value, tints and shades, chromatic and achromatic grays, warm/cool contrasts, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, complimentary and harmonizing colors.

136: Beginning Oil Painting Designed with You in Mind REGISTRATION CLOSED

$120. Members. $135. Non-Members
4 sessions/Tuesdays 6:30 to 9:30 pm
November 14 - December 5
Teaching Artist: Nancy Lloyd

This course is for the beginning or returning student. Students will be given individual attention and instruction will be oriented to helping the student achieve his or her own goals. Using photos and still life set-ups, painting fundamentals will be introduced, including color theory, paint application, values, contrasts, composition, and perspective. A variety of approaches will be explored. A supply list will be provided.

195: Pastel For Beginners REGISTRATION CLOSED

$150. Members. $170. Non-Members
6 sessions/Tuesdays 6:30 to 9:00 pm
October 24 - December 5
Teaching Artist: Kellen Mears

We will explore the use of pastel with a simple step by step method that will instill confidence while encouraging self expression and spontaneity. Topics to be covered will be materials to be used, composition, value development, and color selection. Its all practice. No previous experience of pastel necessary. Anything worth doing is worth doing badly. So don't be afraid. Give pastels a try.

205: Photography

$150. Members. $170. Non-Members
6 sessions/Tuesdays 6:30 to 9:00 pm
October 24 - December 5
Teaching Artist: Steven Kasich

Do you have a great camera that you just wish you could use better? Ever wonder what that button is for? What's an ISO? By the end of this class you will be shooting basic portraits and travel photos with your camera. You will learn how to set up your camera, how to get the right focus, how to take pictures of people, some sports and action, and a bit of landscape photography. The last class bring in your favorite 5 images as 4x6 or larger. You will need an SLR or Mirrorless 4/3's camera with interchangeable lenses and your manual. Camera should be able to shoot in Manual mode. Be prepared to take notes.


78: Handmade Felting Techniques

$180. Members. $200. Non-Members
6 sessions/Wednesdays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
October 25 - December 6

Teaching Artist: Nelly Kouzmina

From basic flat felting to luxurious surface design, this six week class progresses into Cobweb felting, felt collage, seamless accessory, exploring felt embellishments and finally, felt hat making.  Printed materials with description will be provided. Instructor will have wool fibers as well as silk fabric, exotic thread, variety of yarn available for purchase.  Extra supplies will be shared during each week. 

Week 1. Flat Felt making (basic wet felting technique)
Week 2. Felt embellishments (or collage making) 
Week 3. Cobweb felting technique (making accessory - scarf)
Week 4. Felting with resist (making fingerless mittens) 
Week 5. Felt Hat making (basic)
Week 6. Felt & Shibori (flat felt made in Week 1 can be used).
A supply list will be provided by the instructor one week prior to the start of class. 
Discover the ancient technique of felt making and it’s revival.

213: Watercolor Studio with Instruction

$180. Members. $200. Non-Members
6 sessions/Wednesdays 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
October 25 - December 6
Teaching Artist: Jo-ann Osnoe

This class is for students with some experience in watercolor who want to work independently on their own projects with instruction. Choose your topic and I can help you develop it. You may choose to work from still life set ups or photos. Direction and guidance will be provided based on each student’s needs. Demos will be used to illustrate different techniques and work will be critiqued at the end of each session. This class is for students with basic knowledge of watercolor through advanced.

Collage and Mixed Media197: Collage and Mixed Media

$150. Members. $170. Non-Members
6 sessions/Wednesdays 1:00 to 3:30 pm
October 25 - December 6
Teaching Artist: Nancy Shill

This Class will be playful and informative for both the novice and experienced student. Working in abstract format, the workshop will begin with a demonstration of the use of collage materials, glues, and glazes. Exercises in such areas as layering and adding acrylic paints to the paper will add more dimensions. Participants will be encouraged to consider texture, tone, line, and color. Critiques of works will be on-going during different stages of progress. This will help you to loosen up and it will enhance your approach to other more formal styles of art.

199: Approaching Abstraction

$150. Members.   $170. Non-Members
6 sessions/Wednesdays; 1:00 -3:30 pm
October 25 - December 6
Teaching Artist: Jim Bongartz

Unleash the inspired abstract painter within when expanding your visual vocabulary for abstraction. We will apply design elements relating to composition, color, representation of form and various applications of paint or gesture making. This class will develop a series of studies meant to create a path for an informed personal, individualistic means of expression.

Acrylics and canvas are recommended however, oils, watercolor, pastel, charcoal, along with gessoed boards, paper etc. are all acceptable.
A recommended supply list will be sent as soon as a class roster with a minimum of four students is established. Suitable for all levels.

174: Oil Painting Studio with Instruction

$150 Members. $170. Non-Members
6 sessions/Thursdays 9:30 -12:00 pm
October 26 - December 7
Teaching Artist: Anne Gannon

Students can work on whatever choose - unfinished paintings or begin something new. They can work from photo's or set up their own 'Still LIfe'. With individual guidance and instruction, each student has the opportunity to hone their skills while focusing on their choices. All aspects of oil painting are covered and discussed depending on each students needs. In a setting like this, we learn from each other and stay inspired! Before class ends everyone participates in a critique of the works that were done that day. This is for students with basic oil painting skills through Advanced.

117: Capturing A Likeness In Oils

$230 Members, $250 Non-Members
6 sessions/Thursdays 1:00 to 4:00 pm
October 26 - December 7
Teaching Artist: David Rivera       Watch Video

Learn how to create a portrait with life-like accuracy using the same methodologies employed by the old masters. Part of what makes a beautiful and realistic portrait painting is a thorough understanding of each part beginning with a solid foundational drawing which establishes the proportion. The next step is establishing accurate variants of light and dark value tones to reveal the sculptural form and describe the lighting effect. Color is added over the tonal depiction in varying degrees of opacity and transparency. Developing this type of a systematic approach allows the artist to fully work out potential problems in each phase of the painting process. The emotion, intensity and poetic feeling expressed through the work are derived by the degree to which the artist is able to master each skill. Material preparation, observational drawing, anatomical studies, under painting, and glazing are a few of the lessons which will be covered during this six week class. A $50 model fee is included in the price of this class.

168: Drawing Concepts

$125 Members, $140 Non-Members
5 sessions/Saturdays 9:00 am- 11:30 am
October 28 - December 9
Teaching Artist: David Rivera

Drawing is a skill which can be honed to an individual's personal vision. Any artistic concept whether it be a simple sketch in pencil or a complex composition in another medium, can be realized through the process of drawing. This class is designed to teach students the basic principles of drawing using a combination of observational and conceptual exercises. Students will learn various techniques such as sight-size/comparative measuring, methods of shading, concepts of perspective, and more! Mediums used will include pencil, charcoal, colored chalks, and ink.

*** Please note there are no Saturday classes on November 18th and the 25th. This is a 5 week class for the Fall II session.

" A Painting a Day" and Alla Prima Painting Register HERE

209: November 11, and 12, 2017; 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (two day session); $275 Members, $295 Non-members
Teaching Artist: Abbey Ryan

Gain Mentoring and Valuable Insight from Oprah-favorite artist, Abbey Ryan
For all levels, beginner through advanced.

Abbey Ryan is an artist’s artist, known for her inspiring, illuminating, and supportive teaching approach. Through demonstrations and one-on-one instruction, Abbey reveals all of the techniques and methods that have made her daily painting practice so successful and prolific. Topics include: technique, materials, content, subject matter, and the business side of being an artist. 

Drawing on her acclaimed career as a painter and teacher, Abbey shares how to strengthen your own approach to painting and manage your internal painting dialogue so you’ll have a consistently positive painting experience. Abbey’s inspiring teaching approach balances all there is to love about painting with what she has identified as the most universally challenging aspects of painting.

Abbey provides specific, actionable methods and inspiring tips tailored to you to help you move forward in painting. 

Plein Air Painting203: Plein Air Painting Full Day Workshop Register HERE

$125 Members, $140 Non-Members.
203a: Saturday, October 7, 2017; (Rain Date Sunday, Oct. 8th) 9:00 am to 4:30 pm REGISTRATION CLOSED FOR THIS SESSION
203b: Saturday, November 4, 2017; (Rain Date Sunday Nov.5th) 9:00 am to 4:30 pm
Teaching Artist: Barry Koplowitz

Painters with some experience in Plein Air Painting will make two paintings in Plein Air on a Saturday from 9am to 4:30pm. First painting will be done on the AOY property - break for lunch - and the second painting at Tyler Park. Students will need to drive from AOY to Tyler Park. Familiarity with painting and possession of a portable easel set up are required. Links and recommendations for easels and materials will be available for those who need it. Two separate workshops are offered here, Saturdays, September 30th and November 4th.

210: Natural Indigo Dyeing & Batik Workshop Register HERE

$95 Members, $105 Non Members.
Saturday, October 28, 2017, 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Teaching Artist: Lian Sawires

Why not treat yourself to a fun, ancient art experience-namely indigo dyeing in the great outdoors with Master Artisan Lian Sawires. This fall, weather permitting, we’ll get out the pails and the hose and do indigo dyeing outside. Learn about this mysterious dye-stuff and other natural dyes, do some binding and winding with natural resists to create amazing patterned, bright blue and white fabrics! Soy wax batik and natural Tumeric Dyeing will also be taught in conjunction with Indigo dyeing, giving you a range of skills to create traditional, ethnic batiks, as well as modern, edgy designs. Everything is provided including samples, handouts, 2 silk scarves and a cotton Tee that you will dye and take home. Bring in your own un-dyed fabrics to play with, as well. 

The charge for materials is $35, payable to the instructor on the day of the workshop. This will be outdoors, please wear old clothes and bring a lunch.

Collage Workshop      Register Here

$75 Members, $90 Non Members.
223a: Saturday, January 27, 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM OR
223b: Sunday, January 28, 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Teaching Artist: Joanne Donnelly

Looking to jump start your creativity? Let your imagination run wild in this low pressure, guaranteed results session! This collage workshop is for the anyone who has a passion for creativity and spontaneity; and open to new visual possibilities. In this 5 hour hands-on workshop information about products, content, design, process and historical perspective will be provided. No pressure, low material cost – all levels welcome.
* Snow or Bad weather make-up dates February 3 ( for Sat., 1/27), February 4 ( for Sun., 1/28).

  • Fall 2
Fall Youth Classes - Artists of Yardley

Fall II 2017 Session – October 23rd - December 10th - Register Here

Note: Most classes do not run the week of Thanksgiving unless specified.

Clay Sculptures206: Lights! Camera! Stop Motion!

Adults & Youth Ages 8-17
6 Thursdays, October 26 - December 7
5:00 - 7:00 pm; Price: $135 (includes materials fee)
Teaching Artist: Elaine Morales

This class provides a hands on introductory experience into the world of stop motion through original characters and storytelling. We will push the limits of clay animation as we explore textures, poses and forms as well as set design and camera directing. Using multiple techniques and tools we will design creative characters ready for action and proud display.

This class is great for those interested in enhancing character design and animation skills and will assist on understanding their own characters as a 3D form. Please note clay work is loads of fun but can get messy at times. A DVD of the class film will be provided after the session is completed. Family screening event to be determined.

126: Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Youth Ages 8-17
Saturdays, October 28 - December 9
9:30am-11:30 am Price: $115 (includes materials fee)
Teaching Artist: Elaine Morales

This class will look into the basic elements of preliminary cartoon production. Characters, background designs, and storyboards will be developed in this class to create original comic strips. Allowing students to use sequential imagery to illustrate a story and bring multiple characters and personalities to life, cultivates creative ways of problem solving and social skills through the art of story telling. Students will need to purchase a 9"x12" sketchbook.

***PLEASE NOTE: There are no Saturday classes on November 18th and the 25th.
A $15 material fee is included.

The Art of the Picture Book
212: The Art Of The Picture Book

Youth Ages 8-17
Saturdays, October 28 - December 9
9:30am-12:00 noon; Price: $135 (includes materials fee)
Teaching Artist: Virginia Law Manning

Each class, we'll begin by studying the work of a children's book author-illustrator. We'll talk briefly about their lives, read their picture books together and discuss what elements make them remarkable books for children. Then the class will create art in the artist's medium, inspired by the illustrator's style or subject matter. We’ll explore different types of picture books, essential elements of a story, components of the physical book and the role of the author, illustrator, editor, art director and designer in the book’s creation. 

*** Please note there are no classes on Saturdays, November 18th and the 25th.

Summer Camps

Check back in early 2018 for our 2018 Camp Listings

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Fall Youth Classes - Artists of Yardley

Please read the following about private/semi-private lessons:

Students may request private or sem-private lessons with the following mediums/instructors

Note: If you hover over the links below with your mouse, you will see samples of the artists' work

  • Drawing Adult Students - David Rivera

    Learn the basics of drawing in pencil or charcoal. A "three dimensional" rendering is nothing more than an accurate representation of proportion, perspective and tonal values on a two dimensional surface. There are proven methods which can help to unveil the mystery about drawing accurately. With the right tools you can learn how to make educated decisions which will allow you to render a believable still life, portrait, figure or whatever else you wish to draw. A few of the lessons that I teach include sight-size and comparative measuring, compositional sketching, the rules of perspective, various shading techniques and anatomical studies for figures and/or portraits.

  • Design and Illustration - Elaine Morales

    Enter the world of graphic design and illustration. Learn branding skills and discover bold ways to capture thoughts and ideas through original artwork created by you!

    Practice different styles and techniques in finalizing design pieces for your personal projects or portfolio. 

    Receive personalized tips and pointers to enhance the over all aesthetic of your design.

  • Adobe Photoshop - Elaine Morales (note: Students must have a computer, laptop, or ipad on which to access the Adobe Creative Cloud). This is for beginners or those with intermediate knowledge of the most recent photoshop version available on adobe creative cloud.

    While in session we will cover : photo manipulation, photo restoration, digital painting/illustrating, save/print settings, creating and editing brushes, as well as review tools and techniques to better enhance your photoshop skills and familiarity with the program.

  • Acrylic Painting - Jim Bongartz

    Students will learn the necessary steps to produce a finished painting on canvas exercising concepts of composition, under painting, color mixing and blocking-in. Photographic references will be utilized for source imagery as students learn rendering techniques.
    I have been a full-time art teacher for 35 years while maintaining a professional painting studio. Happy to work with any student willing to build their creative skills and talent. Preferring acrylic painting as a teaching medium I am fluent with two-dimensional mediums such as oils, watercolor, pastels, drawing and mixed medium. Helping students build a strong, professional portfolio is one of my most rewarding teaching experiences.   Please visit my website for details regarding my Bio and passion for painting.

  • Oil Painting - Nancy Lloyd

    Instruction will be oriented to helping the student achieve his or her own goals. Using photos and still life set-ups, painting fundamentals will be referenced, including color theory, paint application, values, contrasts, composition, and perspective. A variety of approaches and surfaces will be explored. A supply list will be provided.

Private/semi-private lesson packages are offered in 3 or 4 class blocks with times of 1-1/2 hours, 2 hours, 2-1/2 hours, or 3 hours per class.

Payment for Private/Semi-Private lessons are as follows: Individual: $75/hour

Group of 2 people: $65/hour per person

Group of 3 people: $55/hour per person

Payment is made ahead of time and after submitting the request for a private/semi-private lesson. Once you hear back from your instructor, follow this link to make payment . For semi-private lessons, all payments must be received prior to the first session.

Cancellation Policy For Individual Private Lessons:
  • Rescheduling a lesson requires a minimum of 24 hour notice to the assigned instructor.
  • No refunds for cancellations or absences.

  Cancellation Policy For Small Group Lessons:
  • If there is any change in group size prior to the start of the first lesson, the student or students who cancel will not be refunded.
  • Rescheduling a private group lesson requires a minimum of 24 hour notice to the assigned instructor.
  • Group rescheduling is done as a single group lesson for all participants.

Request for private or semi-private art lessons
 Payment for private or semi-private lessons


Teaching Artists

Jim Bongartz Watch Video

James Bongartz began his passion for art during formal childhood lessons at the Carnegie Institute and continuing at Carnegie-Mellon University following a BSEd in art education from Edinboro State University of Pennsylvania. He has painted for over thirty years, exhibiting in galleries and juried shows throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Many of his works are in private collections. Most paintings are responses and interpretation from his own photography. Mastering the use of color and brushwork as a form of processing imagery and evoking experiences are current inspirations. James is a member of Art+10, a Princeton based artist group and AOY. A portfolio of Jim's paintings and further details about current and past exhibits can be seen on his website:

Anne Gannon Watch Video

Anne was educated at the Traphagen School of Fashion, NYC and at the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Early on, she worked as an Illustrator for Well Being magazine in San Diego, then at Hammacher Schlemmer in NYC, where her drawings were published weekly in The New York Times and in the Wall Street Journal. She also designed licensing artwork for Merrill Lynch and other Wall Street firms. In 2003, Anne started teaching art classes while beginning a new career as a surrealist and an abstract painter. Recently she has had much success with her Encaustic work. Anne has been with the AOY since their inception in 2004, serving on the board and in various other areas of the organization. An award-winning artist, Anne’s work has been shown locally, in east coast states and abroad."

Barry Koplowitz

Barry Koplowitz, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, studied with Lester Polokov at the Studio and Forum of Stage Design in New York City.  He has taught classes at various Art Centers and privately. In his early career he worked in New York Theater doing sets for small Off-Broadway shows as well as doing murals in private homes.  He participated in various Design Shows for his mural work.  During this time, he also worked in fine art galleries in the Upper East Side and on Broadway.    Barry moved to Pennsylvania long ago and now paints Landscapes and Figurative subjects, both in Plein Air and in his Chalfont Pennsylvania Studio.  He shows his work in various juried exhibitions as well as participating in Juried Plein Air Events.

Nelly Kouzmina

Fiber Artist & Instructor, Feltinelli LLC, Member of International Association of  Feltmakers  IFA,U.K, Member of Northeast Guild of Feltmakers, U.S. and Member of Surface Design Association, U.S. I am a self taught fiber artist working with natural fibers and dyes creating variety of pieces from wall art to wearable art  exploring the broad possibilities of felt making. All of my work is original and one of a kind. It is my passion, hobby and love. I share my knowledge and experience with students of all age groups. I participate in various juried art shows in New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania., email: .

Elaine Morales

Elaine's main priority as an artist is to express a deeper connection between works of art and their admirers. She believes that artists are never done learning, therefore her passion for art has been flourishing since she first picked up a pencil at a young age. Art has always been a part of who she is and to this day she continues to cultivate her skills in multiple media forms.  She studied Multimedia Arts and Animation at the Art Institute in Philadelphia where she then went onto freelancing and teaching art classes to all ages. As an artist Elaine has acquired many skills both digital and traditional.  Aside from digital artwork and animating, Elaine also enjoys working with all types of paints, creating ceramics, sculpting with cut paper, printmaking, airbrush art, mixed media, graphic design, drawing and illustrating, character design, and anything else she can get her hands on.  Her love for visual arts has her constantly thriving to learn more as she shares with others the unconstrained possibilities of the art world. Feel free to visit her website for samples of her work:

Paul Mordetsky

Paul Mordetsky received his BFA. in painting in 1976 from the Philadelphia College of Art (now, The University Of The Arts) in 1976.

He has taught art and art history to a broad spectrum of ages since 1990. He has taught at The Princeton Latin Academy, Rutgers Prep, Jerry’s Artarama Studios, Artists of Yardley, The Peddie School, Artworks, Princeton Adult School, and the Continuing Education division of Mercer County Community College.

Since 1998, Paul has been an adjunct instructor for drawing and design in the Fine Arts wing of Mercer County Community College.

He has exhibited widely in the area and beyond including shows at The Artists’ Gallery, The Peddie School, Gross McCleaf Gallery, The Rosenfeld Gallery, Ruth Morpeth, The Salmagundi Club, Trenton City Museum; Walker Gallery Annual; Gold Light; Mehu Gallery; New Jersey City University; The Principle Gallery; Phillips Mill; Arts Guild of New Jersey; Muswellbrook Regional Arts Centre – Australia; Studio Montclair; D&R Greenway; TCNJ; Mercer County Community College, Gallery of South Orange and the New Jersey State Museum.

Paul’s works are in many public and private collections, notably, The Museum Society of Trenton, Cigna, NYNEX, NJ Bell, Dupont, Mercer County Cultural and Heritage Commission, and Educational Testing Services.

Http:// to see his work.

Jo-Ann Osnoe Watch Video

holds a BFA from Parson’s School of Design and is celebrated for her watercolor work. She moves effortlessly from still life to landscape to florals and local scenes. Expanding recently into oil painting, she has gained recognition in this medium as well, winning First Place in a recent Bucks County art competition. She finds inspiration in nature and her Bucks County surroundings, where she has made her home for the past fifteen years. A dedicated and focused artist, she has exhibited in over one hundred local group shows, including over a dozen juried regional and national exhibitions.
Joey Perillo

Joey Perillo is a veteran character actor and Teen and Adult acting instructor who has worked and taught in Philadelphia, Princeton, New York and Los Angeles for more than 30 years. Joey has appeared as a principal (speaking) actor in virtually every theatrical medium including 15 major motion pictures such as "Philadelphia," "12 Monkeys," Rachel Getting Married, " "The Negotiator," "The Manchurian Candidate,".....and the original (and best) "Hairspray."

Joey has appeared as a principal on several TV shows: most recently on HBO's "Veep," "ER," "Hack," "Homicide," "The Wire," and an obscure HBO series, "The Sopranos." Joey teaches summer camp sessions at several college campuses for Kathy Wickline Casting in Philadelphia and teaches advanced adult classes in Yardley. Joey is a long time Member of the Screen Actors Guild and Actors Equity Association.

Lian Sawires
Lian Sawires is a silk artist who creates dramatic wearable art, wall art and installations using soft materials to express movement and emotion. She attended the School of Visual Arts, NYC, and the Brooklyn Museum Art School. With work displayed in craft galleries around the country, her passion is the power of clothing to transform how we think, act and feel about ourselves. Trained as an abstract painter, she engages in Japanese dyeing, layering, painting and discharging all types of silk to create complex one-of-a-kind/one of a series pieces. Lian is a member of the American Crafts Council, the PA Guild of Craftsmen, Silk Painters International (SPIN) and the National Center for Creative Aging. Website:

Joanne Donnelly Seglem Watch Video

is an award winning artist and photographer living in Yardley, PA, who graduated with honors in Fine Arts from Russell Sage College, NY. Over the years she has worked as Teacher, Art Director, Book Designer and Gallery Manager. Joanne's painting and photography has garnered regional recognition and awards throughout the region. Her work is in many private and permanent collections. Joanne continues to explore new artistic territory with continuing education and exploration. She believes that everyone can unleash their artistic potential and free their imaginations by letting go of self-imposed rules and restrictions. Her collage class aims to do just that with a variety of tips and techniques offered in a fun and carefree manner.

Julie Stell

Julie has been an artist ever since she was in Kindergarten. It wasn’t until she was a junior at the University of Wisconsin, that she changed her major from art to art education. Julie decided what better way to make a living than to teach what she loves? She's been teaching now for over 30 years. She continued her education after her three children were grown by attending Memphis College of Art, and graduated with a Masters degree in Art Education. As an art educator, she felt she needed to learn about as many art processes as possible. Julie fell in love with oil painting and pottery making. She continues to explore different styles and techniques in these areas, and finds herself often pleasantly surprised at what appears before her on the canvas, and on the wheel. Julie believes the process of creating to be important for one’s well being and also believes in Dostoevsky’s quote that “Beauty will save the world.”

Tom Stevenson

Lured inside by colored plastic jewelry, figurines, castles and other random models  in the window display of the retail store for MakerBot, a 3D printer manufacturer, on Mulberry Street in NYC while on a lunchtime stroll from his office in SOHO,  Tom discovered something entirely new to do with software.  Personal computing had added a dimension, from 2D, to 3D things.  Desktop 3D lies at the center of a culture of DIYer's where 3D printing has empowered creative minds to make objects practical to sublime.   For Tom's students,  exploring 3D printing exercises basic artistic concepts of visualization, problem solving with a dash of engineering thrown in.  Tom sees 3D  technology spinning off new opportunities for self expression and career choices which will emerge from its community of doers and makers.  Tom was the Chief Technology Officer of a software company in New York, and a Wall Street executive for 25 years.  He is also a member of AOY's photography group and has coded applications and designed websites.